So when I made this blog I wanted it for tracking my progress into a new career. I still would like to go in that direction but I may have gotten a little sidetracked.

One problem I have always had is procrastination. There could have been so much progress on this blog. Instead I told myself day by day that I would write a blog post and end up not doing it. Always leaving it for tomorrow. I’ve done that with many other aspects of my life too. Fitness. Work. Even just hobbies I would like to pick up.

In ways I feel like I have been focusing on improving too many parts of my life when I really just need to take it one step at a time. This blog is one of the first things I want to work on. Keeping track of everything I accomplish. That alone will help me see the things I have done and where I want to go from there. That’s why I’m planning on writing in this blog everyday. It won’t be much. Starting slow is key so it will be only a few paragraphs. If that even.

The idea of this blog tracking my advancement in the tech industry has changed to tracking advancements in myself. In the end this blog will be more about myself than making a new career. I’ll just be another personal blog. Haha. I think I will enjoy writing in this more now though . I feel less pressure now that it will be me writing down my thoughts than tracking my advancement.

I look forward to posting another day. Tomorrow in fact.