So you’re interested in the guy who is writing these strange blog posts on the front page huh? There isn’t much to know. I’m a 27 year old guy living a slacker lifestyle. I’m trying harder as times go on. I don’t know if I’m learning or trying harder because I must. Anyway I thought that keeping a blog about some of my daily struggles would help me in some ways. Mainly just as some sort of release. Of information. From my mind. So I can fill it with more… fancier things? Like, cool stuff. Instead of worrying about all the silly things that happen and dance around in my head.

I like video games, the beautiful outdoors and music. I’m pretty normal compared to all of you. At least that’s how I feel. I guess we are all a bit strange too. I live in the Midwest. In the Black Hills to be more specific. That’s as specific as I’ll get anyway. Not that I think any of you would hunt me down. And if you did I’d rather you didn’t. It would be quite flattering. Depending on why you were trying to find me at least. Just know that I haven’t done much with my life. I’m always trying to move forward at least. My girlfriend Teisha helps me mostly with that. Before her I was really depressed and now I see. I see things in a fresh perspective and everything looks lovely again. I’m one of those “I don’t like meeting new people but I feel so alone” type of people. Things have gotten way better through the years at least. This is more than any of you need to know really. Thanks for stopping by.