I started working again. After my girlfriend, Teisha, quit the job we work together I have been feeling kind of lost. In the past two weeks I have only worked 1 day. 1 out of 6 days I was supposed to work. In a way I feel like I should be fired but my job has a point system and I just happened to have quite a few. More than Teisha at least which is what ended up getting her fired. I believe she will do better though. It was fun to work with her more at least. We met at a job we had before and started dating about a month after I quit. She ended up taking a different job too as I took a break from work.

In all that time I could have done so much more. I took off a full year from working. All I did for years was work in fast food. I was just tired from it. The end of my job felt like a new beginning and the fact that Teisha and I started dating made it feel even more so. I was motivated to find something else and start something new. Months passed by though and I eventually stopped looking. The idea of a job started to make me anxious and the fact that I had gone on so long without a job put me in a lazy, comfortable place. I just ended up playing games, drinking, and the occasional jogs to make me feel like I wasn’t letting it go all to waste. I’m so glad Teisha was there always being supportive. I had money saved up but it didn’t last forever. Near the end of that year long break I had basically gone into debt. Not much. It wasn’t right for me to rely Teisha though. I found a job working in a restaurant as a line cook and quickly switched jobs. That week there made me realized I had had enough of food. I went to Wal-Mart to unload trucks. It was a nice change of pace. After a few months Teisha joined me too and even though I didn’t really want her to go there I’m glad she did. It’s okay that it didn’t work out. The manager we had would always put us together and it was a lot of fun being around each at work again. He ended up finding a better position and left. Our other manager can be a bit of an ass and almost power trippy in a way. He’s just a bit too young I think. He treats me different than Teisha only because I’ve been there longer and known as one of the veterans. They didn’t get along and Teisha rightfully quit. Shows how long people stay there. Only half a year there and considered a veteran…

I feel like I have some motivation back. With Teisha gone I feel like I should move on to. I had already planned on switching jobs or just departments but it was too convenient for us with only having one vehicle. The job is boring now and the lowest paid/hardest worked department. There’s a good chance I could move up. Co-workers have said I should become a manger and even our slave driving manager has asked if I would like to have some training as a supervisor. Even though I wish it wasn’t him that would doing it. I even got the employee of the month last December. Is staying there worth it for my future?

It’s nice to get these thoughts down. I haven’t posted everyday like I meant too. Yesterday I was hung over because I drank quite a bit the night of my last post. Didn’t mean to. It just gets out of hand and I need to be careful. That’s why it’s nice to have Teisha around because she normally keeps me in check. Yesterday was also the first day of going back to work in awhile and I really didn’t feel like it. It really wasn’t so bad. Just more of the same.

I’ve been working out again which is really improving my mood. I’m trying to do it everyday but I’ve started to do it after work around midnight. I feel really tired but I force myself. The daytime would be better but I’ve been staying in bed quite a bit longer than normal. Something I need to change also. One step at a time.

I can’t decide if I want to write in this blog every morning or night. I’ll guess we’ll see what happens.



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