I made this blog to track the upcoming stages of my life. As of now I work as a truck unloader at Walmart. Not really the career I want to proceed with.

I haven’t had any job I would consider a career and the last time I even made an attempt at something was probably a decade ago when I went to college for an art degree. I did try my hand at web design creating a business with the help of my dad after I dropped out of college completing only one semester. That lasted around a year but my heart wasn’t in it. At the time at least. The work was interesting but… I didn’t give it 100%. After that I spent years working in fast food and while I always thought of doing programming I never pursued it.

I would really love to have a job in the tech industry but I still don’t know what part of it I want to join. I’ve had years to think about it but it was always in the back of my mind whilst I let less important aspects of everyday life take center stage of my thinking. From now I plan to learn some basic programming languages and using this blog I hope to track my progress. I plan to write on this blog a few times a week to track my progress and have an overview of all the things I’m learning.

Look forward to more blog posts and my journey into the realm of… “techiness.” :3

(Hopefully this page will get more fancy as I learn more things too. I did web design for a year but it will take a little while to learn everything again.)


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